Chimney Cleaning & Repair

The Chimney Doctor NOVA, Inc. is proud to offer a wide range of chimney services at competitive rates. Count on us whenever your chimney needs repair or cleaning. We stress the importance of having a clean and safe heating and venting system in order to prevent potential hazards. We offer chimney inspections and free estimates. We are committed to keeping your home and property clean, and your family safe and happy.

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Our Services

We use the latest tools and technology to ensure that your chimney and dryer venting systems are operating at optimal levels. All of our technicians are CSIA-certified specialists, up to date on NFPA standards and state and local codes, and ready to address the particular needs of your home. We provide comprehensive, reliable services that have stood the test of time. For larger projects, we are happy to offer in-house financing with no additional fees.

Chimney Cleaning

Our chimney sweeps use state of the art equipment to clean chimneys of all kinds. While cleaning your chimney, we look for any problems that could prevent peak performance and recommend what is needed for your system to burn cleanly and safely.

Chimney Rebuilding & Restoration

Water damage resulting from deterioration is all too common. We work with the mortar and rebuild chimneys to return them to their original pristine condition. In addition to our chimney services, we offer masonry repairs to steps, stoops, patios, and walls.

Chimney Relining

We offer the installation of UL listed stainless steel liners. We offer a lifetime warranty.

Crown Rebuilding

Improperly built crowns are another common problem. If your crown is cracked or poorly constructed, allowing water penetration, we'll build a proper concrete one. We offer a 5 year warranty.

Chimney Cap Installation

The best way to prevent moisture from rain and snow, animals, leaves, and other debris from entering your chimney is to install a chimney cap. Our high-quality stainless steel caps and cap dampers carry a lifetime warranty.

Chase Cover Replacement

Leaky or damaged chase covers are potential hazards on prefabricated metal fireplaces. We help eliminate problems before they start by replacing rusty metal chase covers.


If water is damaging your fireplace inside or out, we'll find the source and provide a solution.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

In addition to servicing chimneys, we inspect and clean dryer vents in one and two-story homes.

Animal Removal

If squirrels, raccoons, birds, or other pests have made a home in your chimney, we'll eliminate the problem by removing the animals and their nesting materials, and take preventative measures to avoid future infestation.

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